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Willem Jan Tony Kleinhesselink
Jan Kleinhesselink
  • Geboren: 18 feb 1915, Dinxperlo
  • Overleden: 21 mar 1989

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    Jan Kleinhesselink begraven te Gorssel, tr. H.M. (Riek) Beuse, geb. 24-7-1919, ov. 25-7-1988,

    Op internet:
    China Town", formerly Cafe Beuse, Quatre Bras
    After the death of Jan Klein-Hesselink, the last remaining owner, Cafe Beuse was sold en has become a Chinese Restaurant ("China Town"). I had a meal there with Dick en Lyde Matthes en found it quite good in fact.
    Once when Jan was ill in bed in the room behind the central window op the first floor, I attached a garden hose met the beer tap in the pub, climb with the hose up a ladder en through the window en poured Jan a beer at his bed site. Hij recovered quickly na that. Heineken beer, just what the doctor ordered.
    Originally there was only the house in the front with a single roof. Then the veranda was added met the left. This was later (when it became a Chinese restauran) further extended en the connected second house behind the front was also added.

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